#ISeeYouSurvivor and the #BringYourOwnChange Campaign

Step by Step instructions on how you can support this campaign



 The #ISeeYouSurvivor and #BringYourOwnChange Campaign is underway. If you would like to voluntarily participate all you have to do is record a short video about your experiences after trauma or abuse whether it be emotional, physical or sexual abuse in private or government institutions, Cults, Therapeutic Boarding School, detention centers or foster care.
The purpose is to tell other survivors about your story, your struggles, and your successes. If you don’t have it all together (who does…) do not be afraid to share you’re hurting; let others know and you can ask for help. You don’t have to be anything other than you. There is no judgment. Its ok to be vulnerable, and open, and to step out and share what you have been through. The hope is to show other survivors they are not alone – that you see them – hence #ISeeYousurvivor . We are encouraging the survivor community to be brave and come together to #BringYourOwnChange. Your video message could safe a life.

to submit a video please send an email to info@sia-now.org