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Christian girls’ reform home closes after Times Investigation

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Reps. Schiff and Ros-Lehtinen Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Reform Residential Treatment and Youth Boot Camp Programs

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Experts: Punishments touted by Babeu are child abuse, torture





Kidnapped for Christ is a heart-wrenching story, both anger-inducing and redemptive, about ordinary teens abducted from home and sent to the Caribbean for pricey religious fixes.   SIA Organization is proud to be featured in this award winning documentary.


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Caroline’s mom, Gahl Burt, comes to visit Caroline in LA which worries her as she and her mom don’t have a very close bond. Caroline tells the dolls that her parents sent her away to the wilderness as a teenager which caused a struggle within their relationship. With Gahl disapproving of Caroline choosing to have a career in music and fashion and not a more conservative career, they clash at one of Caroline’s deejaying events. SIA is featured as the fundraising event that Caroline helped put together to support Survivors of Institutional Abuse. Caroline is so brave to share her story on a national platform. She shares of the struggles she has with her family and working towards coming together and healing. We are so proud and honored that Caroline has used this national platform to expose institutional child abuse and the problems associated with family and surviving traumatic experience of institutional abuse. Thank you Caroline

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