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Micael David Selame Testimony Community Therapeutic Day School

Community Therapeutic Day School

Michael   David   Selame Testimony
My name is Michael Selame on September 19, 1990 I was placed at Community Therapeutic Day school

This is my testimony of my experience while in Community Therapeutic Day School. I was enrolled there until spring of 1991, At that school a male ”therapist” name Alan S had a pattern of physically holding me as a physical painful punishment.  Alan S would sit on me with me face down as a physical painful punishment. One time when I was having my weekly ”session” with Alan S in his office he was provoking me claiming that himself and the teachers stole my spaghetti maker and that it was downstairs and that they were all planning a spaghetti party, I then eluded to me going down stairs to get my spaghetti maker, Alan S replied ”Michael if you leave my office I will sit on you the entire session next week” I let him scare me and did not leave his office, Alan S still works at community therapeutic in fact he has been promoted, As of 9 years ago community therapeutic discontinued there punitive holding strategy and other punishments. two years ago I attempted to bring a civil rights law suit against community therapeutic and Alan S , but hit dead ends.