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Micael David Selame Testimony Devereux School

Devereux school Rutland MA

Micael David Selame Testimony

My name is Michael Selame in 1996 I was placed at Devereux MA I removed from Devereux in 1997.
This is my testimony of my experience while in Devereux. In 1996 a male staff member first name Brian A had me in a seated position restraint for not standing up strait in the corner, during the seated restraint Brian A used his chest to slam my nose and fore head on the floor, when he released me from the restraint I was bleeding and another staff member said” Brian should I document a restraint Injury ” Brian A replied ”no I will take care of it” Brian A dishonestly wrote that I was self modulating planning to get staff in trouble. In 1997 A staff member Louis C while I was sitting on a bench Louis C grabbed my wrist placed me in a seated restraint and lied by claiming I tried to hit him , I did not hit him or try to hit him, but I wish I did hit him. Louis C did this so they could deny my weekend home visit that coming weekend and I believe another staff member name Toben C a few hours earlier queued Louis to do this [because Toben did not want me going home that weekend] Devereux kept me that weekend. and in 1997 A staff member name David V several times would restrain me in a specific room [ restrain as a punishment] saying he was doing this to me ”because of those lies you told Michelle M about me Michael” and told me I would be in the restraint for an hour but I was lucky because ten minutes into it a staff open the door and said another student warranted a time out to be served in that specific room therefore I was released from the restraint, David V did not document any of these restraints. I was pulled out of Devereux on April 3, 1997