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Board of Directors

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[sd_person name=”Jodi Hobbs ” subtitle=”President ”  photo=”” facebook=”″ twitter=”” linkedin=””]

Jodi Hobbs has an BA in IT and an MBA. Working in the technology industry for over 15 years she has helped many for profit and non profit organizations with their technical needs. Jodi has a successful tech based business. She is a survivor of Victory Christian Academy, a youth treatment facility that once operated in Ramona, CA. VCA was closed after scathing accusations of abuse were leveled against the proprietor.

Mrs. Hobbs formed Survivors of Institutional abuse (SIA) to help those affected by abusive treatment in behavioral modification type programs. “SIA is about healing and leading a positive, peaceful and healthy life. Anything we can do to assist in getting a survivor on positive path.”

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[sd_person name=”Steven Kimbrough” subtitle=”Board Member” photo=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=””]

Steven E. Kimbrough has been around the world and back and will continue to do so. His resume speaks for itself. Steven’s work ethics are solid, he worked a full time job and went to school full time as well. He worked for Kay Equipment in the 80’s, did Stand Up Comedy in Chicago and worked on National Tours, Air Show Tours with the Coors Light Micro Jet Team, College Tours to organizing comedy fund-raisers in Boston, to cruise ships, and opened the first Laugh is Hope Comedy Club on 39th & Park in New York, NY. He worked for Apple Vision, he worked Audience Coordinator for the Early Show CBS, went on tour for the Cutty Sark’s Rock the Boat Tour, launched the first website, he started the first San Diego Comedy Festival, launch the 2nd Laugh is Hope Comedy Club on the Queen Mary, he opened the Kimbrough Media Group, Inc. Marketing Company, launched the Cannes 24 Hour Film Challenge. He is also the Creative Director for the Undeniable Influence Cultural Centers.

Specialties: 3D Coordinator, 3D Supervisor, Animator, Presenter, Pitcher, Stand-Up Comedy, Comedy Production & Events, Film Pre – Production, Film Production, Film Post – Production, Marketing & Promotions, Online Content Distribution, Web Design, Actor, Writer, Voice Over, Presenter.



[sd_person name=”Angela Bennett” subtitle=”Board Member “]

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SIA Chapters

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[sd_person name=”Jeneen Miller” subtitle=”Las Vegas Chapter Director” photo=”” facebook=”” twitter=””]

Jeneen Miller’s background as a Marketing Assistant at Pepperdine University/Graziadio School of Business as well as the undergraduate makes her a great asset for SIA. Her experience in the Word Processing Department at Pepperdine and trouble-shooting with faculty and staff with computer software applications add to her website creativity. She is currently a massage therapist and enjoys the healing and meditated aspect of it on a day-to-day basis in the Las Vegas area. Jeneen has a passion for helping others build self-esteem, teaching self-healing, writing, and helping survivors cope. A survivor herself of Victory “Christian” Academy in Ramona, CA, she will not waste time to make changes for the greater good. “If I can just help someone feel better about themselves and help them heal, in essence it heals my broken heart.”

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SIA Volunteers

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[sd_person name=” Rhonda Lundquist” subtitle=”Social Media Volunteer” photo=”” facebook=”” twitter=”″]

Rhonda Lundquist is a Survivor of New Bethany Homes for Girls and Boys Arcadia, Louisiana 1981-1982 It has become Rhonda’s passion to bring awareness to institutional abuse and the lasting impact it has on survivors and their families. she has tirelessly voluteered on a regular basis in various groups and will continue to support and help survivors as long as she is needed. As a survivors she is sensitive to the needs of others that have suffered similar abuses.
You think you’re lost
You’re not alone
I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
I will fight your fight
And I won’t let go.