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WWASPSurvivorsSafeTeenSchools, shutdownloganriver and SIA Organization (Survivors of Institutional Abuse) Have just launched The #BreakingCodeSilence Challenge, a challenge designed to bring awareness to the issues of institutional child abuse

The Challenge was put out to take a picture with a symbol of a circle with a line through it in front of your mouth and to share the picture on social media with #BreakingCodeSilence #StopInstitutionalChildAbuse #UnitedWithOneVoice.

Not a survivor but still want to support, take a photo and post to social media and challenge another to do the same.

Survivor once you are done,  share your experience of what happened to you so other children do not have to go through what you had to. Then challenge others to do the same.

It is time for the survivors to come together United with One Voice and speak out against Institutional Child abuse. If you support this challenge I urge you to share and participate. This will raise awareness but it will also bring the survivor community together. Together we stand strong.

What is “Code Silence”?

In the program, silence is not a choice, it is a requirement. “Code Silence” is a process of punishment meant to isolate and unnerve the child to a breaking point, to the point where they feel no one believes anything they say… Unless they “get with the program” and say what they are supposed to say. This method can be so powerful that the concept may follow a survivor well after they have left the program, So much so that they hold on to all the memories and unresolved feelings about their experience because they were taught that no one would believe them, and “being a victim” was shameful and showed weakness. That BS ends today. We will be silent NO MORE.

The #BreakingCodeSilence Challenge was created to encourage survivors of institutional abuse to stand up and testify about the abuse in their programs, to speak today not for themselves, but for all the kids out there currently suffering with no voice and no hope of rescue. We will be strong for them, we will come forward and be their voice!

#UnitedwithOneVoice we stand an undeniable testament to the realities of the troubled teen industry… We hope this demonstration of empowerment and support of all survivors will take on enough headway to reach the masses, and save the lives of kids currently held in these private teen prisons.

Please consider the challenge and submit your testimony (Dont forget to attach your picture!) Submit

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