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What now? Thoughts on moving forward…

handssmSIA was asked on our Twitter Feed. What now? We as a survivor community will continue our mission. We have much work to do. I know many of you are hurting. Please know that we as a community are here with you. Please uplift each other, support one another. Please know I am here with you. If you need to talk please reach out. We together can uplift each other just as we always have. WE ARE SURVIVORS, WE ARE THRIVERS, WE ARE SO MUCH MORE AND TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

The most important thing to remember is your voice matters. We together will continue to raise awareness on the very important topic of Institutional Abuse. We as a survivor community will continue to share our experiences and heal together. We will continue to fight for change and raise awareness. We are survivors and together we have an opportunity to do great things and create change. We choose Love. #unitedwithonevoice #endinstitutionalabuse#standtogether #pyia #loveoneanother #healtogether #survivorstrong


We stand in solidarity with the Los Angeles LGBT Center. We all must come together and support one another no matter what political beliefs we have. There is great hope in working together and standing together. Survivor Strong! This does not change who we are, this just changes our approach. As Congressman Schiff has said, we have come too far and we will together continue our work. – thank you to both Lorri and Congressman Schiff.


Jodi Hobbs
SIA Organization


I sent my enail addtess in.
I feel many of you may understand some things from Fifty Years ago that Still affect my life!

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